22, Masefield Crescent, London, N14 4AG


Great reasons to live in N14

  1. Great transport links: N14 is well-connected to public transportation, with several tube and train stations in the area, making it easy to get around and explore the rest of London.
  2. Beautiful green spaces: N14 is home to several beautiful parks, including Trent Park, which features stunning views of London's skyline and a variety of outdoor activities, such as golfing, horse riding and hiking.
  3. Excellent schools: N14 is home to several excellent schools, including the popular Southgate School and the outstanding-rated St. Andrew's Primary School.
  4. Diverse community: N14 is a diverse and inclusive neighborhood, with people from all walks of life living and working in the area.
  5. Great shopping and dining: N14 has plenty of great shopping and dining options, including the popular Southgate Shopping Centre and a range of independent cafes and restaurants.
  6. Historical landmarks: N14 is home to several historical landmarks, including the famous former country house of Cockfosters, which has been used for film and television productions.
  7. Cultural events: N14 is home to several cultural events throughout the year, including the Enfield Summer Festival, which features music, theatre, and film.
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